About Us

Financial Analytics Company

A start-up

We are a start-up that develop financial analytics software and scalable IT-infrastructure solutions for businesses, organisations and people.

Our base is Copenhagen, Denmark (Skandinavia) but we serve you globally, directly or in close collaboration with other high standards companies & professionals.


We make it interesting, easy and fun to work with financial issues and objective data, to successfully help you realise your organisation's full financial potential.

Your direct involvement is key to your success.

Long term relations

We are in for the long term, and want to build long term relations with you and your business.

Our growth will enable us to establish a physical presence near you.


We enable you to optimize your organisation's financial situation using weather-like predictions of the financial markets as a basis.

For your direct benefit, we continuously improve our financial markets predictions capabilities and accuracy.


Sinan Gabel

Sinan, CEO and 100 pct. owner of RiskButler.com IVS and its mother company Innova Financial Solutions ApS. Sinan holds a master's degree in mathematics-economics from the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Sinan has 25+ years of working experience from the world of finance and IT, working with stock broking, asset management, treasury, consulting, risk management, change management and software development within own companies, banks, life insurance and management consulting.


Sinan Gabel has written & developed RiskButler.com from idea to a service to be used by thousands around the world.

He is doing research on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. During 2015-2016 did research on financial volatility data and stochastic processes with two Copenhagen Universities and a major trading bank.


You can contact Sinan directly.

Email sinan@riskbutler.com

Phone in Denmark +45-6122 0454.

Address here

LinkedIn profile https://dk.linkedin.com/in/sinangabel