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The following is from the web-application which is now only offered to professional clients!

The circle diagram is an example that illustrates the chance of getting a profit of at least 10 percent in 30 days for a range of equities. The individual areas and colors of the circles denote the chances, i.e. the largest circle represents the equity most likely to return a profit of 10 percent within the next 30 days.

RiskButler.com helps you optimize your financial situation using weather-like financial markets forecasts as the basis.

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RiskButler.com provides ease of use and understanding through visualisations of such information as chance of profit and risk of loss. Graphical presentation of results is a key feature.

Your financial portfolio may include all kinds of products that are sufficiently liquid e.g. money (cash, loans/deposits), foreign exchange (FX), commodities, equities (shares) and bonds.

The financial forecasts are based on well-founded, financial market data-driven analytics using finance, big data, statistics and mathematics.

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RiskButler.com only requires an updated internet browser and an internet connection.

Use computer, iPad/tablet or mobile - RiskButler.com synchronizes your financial portfolios between devices.