New Investment Products Service!

The new EU Regulation

(EU) 2017/653 enters into force in January 2018 and has important consequences to retail clients that purchase investment products and life insurance products (PRIIPs), and the financial sectors that manufacture said.

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How it affects me

Basically, an adviser may not legally sell said products without first producing a 3 page document to the retail client. This document includes risk indicators and performance scenarios that are non-trivial to calculate.


The new solution!

We are happy to announce that RiskButler.com together with partners in Luxembourg have developed a powerful, super easy-to-use and real-time solution to produce all required documents.

The so-called PRIIPs Key Information Documents (KID), UCITS Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) are fully covered, and new Mifid II requirements are partly included in the KID but will be fully covered too by additional information documents.